Where the customer IS God…

It is a fact that Japan spoils you. Love it or hate it, you most definitely cannot ignore the indisputable truth, that once you land in this country of contrasts -you leave it a little mystified, a little bemused and a whole lot pampered. Be it 2 months or 20 years, Japan has a way of sucking you in with its fascinating, century old culture and customs interspersed with the most modern of technologies, its gourmet cuisine and its eye for detail and sheer professionalism. In spite of its myriad attractions, if you were to ask a Japan returnee what they miss most about Japan, I can bet, the most common answer you would get, is the Japanese Customer Service.

In a country, where service is literally bred to the bones- “Okyaku sama” or the “Customer” is treated no less than the “Kami Sama” or “God”. It is almost an otherworldly experience being treated to the Japanese way of customer service. Imagine a country, where the shopkeepers treat each customer with the same degree of warmth, whether they have bought things worth thousands of yen or are walking out empty handed. A country, where the sales assistant will guide you towards a cheaper alternative (if that is what meets your requirement) instead of a pricier one of its kind. A country, where upon being stuck in an elevator, the manager of the elevator company personally visits you the next day with a box of cookies and a grovelling apology (yes…that HAS happened for real). This for you, my readers, is just the tip of the iceberg so far as customer service in Japan is concerned. These are also reasons why the Japanese generally invest in a lasting client-service provider relationship, which is a key element of Japanese business culture.

It is no small wonder then, that Japan today is the world’s acknowledged leaders in client satisfaction.

Having spent the better part of 2 decades living and working in this very same customer satisfaction obsessed country, the founder/CEO of NIRVAANA SOLUTIONS, has imbibed to the fullest, all aspects of Japanese customer service. Accountability, commitment to timeline, a keen eye for detail and above all concern for the client’s needs and requirements are paramount to serving the client in Japan; and it is these traits that he brings to the business. In a client oriented business such as NIRVAANA SOLUTIONS, client satisfaction is of prime importance. It is our aim and ambition both, at NIRVAANA SOLUTIONS, to bring one of the best parts of Japan, right to your doorstep, to give you the kind of service you have only dreamt of so far.