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This is the brainchild of an ex-NRI /Investment Banker, who has been in your shoes, and has faced all the pain points that you as an NRI or more specifically an NRK (Non-Resident Kolkatan) are facing today. Amply supported by capable, trustworthy people on the ground, the company strives to provide the best possible one stop shop solutions, to most of your daily problems back home in Kolkata.

Currently, the coverage is primarily in Kolkata. The high level area demarcation is as below:

(i) South (upto Garia), and West (upto Behala)
(ii) East ( Bidhannagar- Saltlake, Rajarhat, Newtown)
(iii) Central and North (upto Laketown)

(i) One stop shop service- We are a ‘One stop shop’ company offering a broad range of services under one platform.
(i) End to end management- We are not merely aggregators, we also take full responsibility for end-to-end Execution of the services as well.

Our services are primarily in 3 major areas:

(i) Parental care (includes day to day General services and Medical services)
(ii) Real estate management & maintenance (general repair work, regular cleaning, facilitating buy/sell, Interior design, etc.)
(iii) Travel management (this is primarily for travellers coming to Kolkata and includes rental car arrangement, hotel bookings etc.)
For details, please refer to our Services section

Yes, once you complete the client onboarding process, a company representative will make a personal home visit (in cases of parental care) or a site visit (in cases of real estate management) to fully gauge your needs and requirements.

Under our Recurring subscription model (monthly/quarterly/annual packages), you can avail most of the services under our broad suite of services. However, we also offer a la carte options on selected services as well. These are non-recurring and you need to subscribe each time to avail of these stand alone services.
For details, please refer to our Packages section.

(i) First send us a mail (from Contact us section), indicating your interest in subscribing to our services.
(ii) You need to do a self registration (through our website), and create your profile.
(iii) Select an appropriate Service/Package and complete your payment.
(iii) Your subscription starts thereafter for the selected period.

There is no minimum subscription period. However, we do not offer anything less than a month for our subscription packages.

(i) You need to go to Login page and click ‘Register yourself’, to create your profile.
(ii) The initial password gets sent to your registered email id, which you need to access to Login. You can reset it thereafter.
(iii) Fill in the necessary details to complete your User Registration.

For registered users, you can pay via credit/debit card through the secured payment gateways in this site, as per your choice of currency (Paytm for INR, PayPal for overseas currencies). In other cases (one time user, offline enrolment, etc.) you can also do a bank transfer.

Apart from your monthly subscription fee and expenses, there are NO additional fees. You can register for free, but unless you subscribe to any package/service, you will not receive any service.

The subscription fee needs to be paid by the first day of the month, failing which, the subscription for that month will be temporarily suspended. It will resume only after the monthly subscription is paid. In case the client registers for a monthly subscription after the 1st of the month, the billing for that month will be on a pro rata basis- from the date of registration till the end of that month; after which a new billing cycle will start from the 1st of the next month.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription.

(i) If you have subscribed to a package whose duration is more than a month (e.g. 3 months/6 months/Annual etc.), minimum one month notice period needs to be given, prior to cancelling the service.
(ii) For a monthly subscription, you cannot cancel in the middle of a month. It will automatically get suspended, if you do not pay for the next month. If for any reason, you decide to permanently cancel your subscription, you will need to give it in writing (e-mail) at least a week before the end of your current payment cycle.

If you have subscribed to any particular package, in the event of any cancellation- the Service charge/Subscription fee will not be refunded; only the unused expense will be refunded (after deducting any payment gateway charges, forex conversion etc).

For further queries, please contact us directly:

Email: contact@nirvaanasolutions.com
Phone: +91 87770 89746