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Our Bank details: (for Online Transfer)


Bank name: ICICI Bank Ltd

Branch name: Prince Anwar Shah Road Branch

Address: 140/1 Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata 700045, India

Account number: 054005001454

IFS code: ICIC0000540


Payment gateway:

Paypal / Paytm (can be accessed after User Registration)

How it works: ( A generic workflow is given below. There might be slight variations, depending on each case. )

1. User registers for the service and selects package

2. User pays fee in two parts:
    a. Subscription fee: for services rendered as per package
    b. Advance expenses: for spends pertaining to the services (bills, purchases etc)

3. Service begins after the User On boarding process is completed ( which usually takes a few days after the initial payment is made)

4. Monthly status report is mailed to user with details of:
    a. All activities performed
    b. Transactions made
    c. Account balance from advance expense

5. Should an user decide to discontinue, a notice period of one month is to be given. A consolidated account statement is provided and unused amount from the advance expense pool is returned